14th January 2020

Robson Green

It’s a long drive to the Northumberland coast from London, especially with the prospect of shooting first thing on a December morning but this shoot is really what is great about portrait photography. Robson arrived on his own and willing to walk to the coastline with us until we got the shots, chatting along the way about designing cargo ships and open water swimming.

10th January 2020

Hashi Mohamed

His book People Like Us is being released this month, a personal account of social mobility, inequality and what needs to change. Himself, born in Kenya to Somali parents, Hashi arrived in Britain as a child refugee, Brent to be more specific. Despite attended some of the lowest performing schools he made his way to Oxford and today practises as a barrister. We met him in Neasden and shot the portrait in the barbers where he’s had his haircut for over 20 years.

16th December 2019

Sanghera’s Posh Christmas

A typical Christmas in his family entails lunch in front of the TV, a plastic tree and sneaking out to his car for alcohol. So what happened when Sathnam Sanghera took his family to a castle to experience a traditional festive weekend?

2nd December 2019

Jennifer Arcuri

‘Why is it always the woman who is traduced?” says Jennifer Arcuri. The American business woman who is alleged to have had an affair with Boris Johnson. We went and met her at the Chelsea hotel she was held up in the day before she returned to the US to see her family.

23rd November 2019

Heartbreak Doctors

If you’re going to get your heart broken, make sure it’s in Germany, where it’s taken so seriously you can even get a doctor’s note. The Germans call it Liebeskummer. Therapists Ellen Heinemann and Bianca Bontempo photographed at Soho House Berlin.

20th November 2019


Rapman shot at different locations around Deptford for The Times Magazine. Growing up on a south London estate, Rapman thought he was trapped in a cycle of revenge and violence. Then after uploading a ten-minute drama to YouTube led him to Jay-Z’s mansion and the release of his film Blue Story – about the brutal reality of gang culture.⁠

19th November 2019

Genevieve Barr

Great to meet and photograph actor, Genevieve Barr. Genevieve is currently starring in Channel 4’s The Accident. She’s bit of superwoman, having been born deaf she’s played rounder for England, championship high board diver and played Lacrosse for Scotland before becoming an actor.

19th November 2019

Boom, Bust & Bankers

A new documentary on Channel 4 airing tonight. Meeting the people that live and work in Broadgate, the financial complex in the City. Inspired by Irving Penn’s Small Trades series we setup a tradition studio setup and got each person to display their role.

30th October 2019

Masterchef The Professionals

Masterchef The Professionals returns next week for it’s 12th series. We had a day working with Monica, Marcus and the Radio Times team to produce this shoot, inspired by the pasta challenge from the series.

October 24th 2019

John Le Carre

Ex-British intelligence officer turned novelist John Le Carre shot at his home in North London for the Wall Street Journal. John’s latest novel ‘Agent running in the field’ is set in 2018 and in it describes Boris Johnson as ‘a pig-ignorant foreign secretary’.