25th June 2021

Talking Pictures

Father and daughter, Noel and Sarah run the TV channel Taking Pictures from the shed in their back garden. Showing everything from black and white classics to historical documentary footage. Shot for the Radio Times

11th June 2021

Harjinder Butoy

Harjinder Butoy is one of the 39 sub-postmasters who had their convictions for theft and false accounting overturned by the Court of Appeal last month. He was sent to prison for three years. Photographed at home with his wife, Balbinder, flanked by mother Satya Devi and father Kesar Singh

10th June 2021

Levison Wood

Ex army officer now TV personality and author Levison Wood shot for The Mail.

20th May 2021

Sion Williams

We shot this back in March 2020 for Defra, right on the eve of the national lockdown. We drove out to the north coast of Wales to shoot 3rd generation lobster fisherman Sion Williams, in the knowledge that this would probably be our last shoot for a while. As we arrived and started to chat to Sion he explained that the situation looked very bleak for him, after a long winter not being able to fish he was now told that his usual root to market (sales to France, Spain and China) was completely closed and there would be no trade anytime soon. To cut a long story short I had the idea of taking his lobsters back to London to sell to people locked up in their homes. This turned into Lockdown Lobsters and we are still going now, supplying lobsters across London including Ottolenghi’s restaurants.

20th May 2021

Tom Bradby

Shot for the The Times Magazine

16th April 2021

Chelsea Kirtley

When Theo was just 11 weeks old she noticed a 3 inch mark on his stomach that looked like a bruise. After racing to hospital doctors found no medical reason and called social services. Theo was taken away from her for over a year,
‘Even now I’m extremely anxious,’ says Chelsea, whose son, now four, shares an unmistakable bond with his mum. ‘I daren’t let him climb on things in case he gets a bruise. I’m scared his teachers will question me. I have panic attacks. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.’

20th October 2021

Matt Baker & Family

Matt Baker has a new mini series based on his lockdown mercy mission to help his parents.
When his sheep farmer mum was trampled by her flock, Matt raced home to help and stayed to save the family farm. Our Farm In The Dales is on Channel 4

20th January 2021


Sathnam Sanghera shot for The Times Magazine. Cover shoot with Sathnam ahead of the release of his latest book ‘Empireland’. Dub an ‘urgent and incisive’ account of his the British empire is still shaping our lives today.

14th December 2020

Laurence Fox

Laurence Fox shot at his home in London for The Times Magazine.

1st December 2020

Zainab Badawi

Zainab Badawi is a very cool woman. She is a single mother of 4 kids, has an amazing career as a TV and Radio Journalist and has just been appointed to the board of The Royal Foundation by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
If you want something done ask a busy person. She had no problem or lack of enthusiasm when, under Covid restrictions, we meet outside the BBC in the cold and failing light to get some quick portraits.