5th November 2018


80’s pop sensation Bros are back performing shows after splitting in 1992, along with a feature length documentary ‘After the Screaming Stops’ charting their rise to fame and the fallout that followed. Shot for The Times Magazine.

2nd November 2018

Utoya Island Survivors

22nd July 2011 became a pivotal date for Norway when a bomb exploded in Oslo, followed by a massacre at a youth camp on Utoya Island, killing 77. Jude travelled to Oslo to meet three survivors from the attack who are now chief advisors to the film Utoya: July 22.

1 November 2018

Drew Povey for The Times Magazine

A year ago, Channel 4’s Educating Greater Manchester brought visionary head Drew Povey to our screens. But in July he was suspended and last month he resigned. Jude travelled to Warrington find him picking up the pieces and talking through what went wrong.


30th October 2018

Celebrity Gogglebox

The annual edition of Celebrity Gogglebox all in aid of Stand Up To Cancer happened again last week which included Spurs stars Dele & Eric Dier, Louis & Laim from One Direction, Danny & Dani Dyer and finally Peter Crouch with his wife Abbie Clancy and her dad Geoff.

October 30th 2018

Anna Bey

Anna Bey runs the online course, School of Affluence, which claims to teach women how they can create a luxurious lifestyle and rub shoulders with the rich. Step 7 of the course covers, ‘How to behave around rich men’ and ‘How to make wealthy men sponsor your life’. Shot in Somerset House for The Times Magazine.


4th October 2018

Stand Up To Cancer 2018

Presenter lineup for this years Stand Up To Cancer live show photographed for Channel 4, Maya Jama, Alan Carr & Adam Hills.

2nd October 2018

Geneticist, Robert Plomin

From predicting your chances of developing depression to how far you will go in higher education, genetics trumps environmental factors every time says the geneticist Professor Robert Plomin. Could he be right? Photographed at the research unit at Kings College Hospital.

25th September 2018

Peter Crouch

“Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field” the joke that provoked the picture on the right. Only fitting for the funniest man in football, Peter Crouch. Shot earlier in the year on freezing cold Monday in Stoke.

26th September 2018

Jo Wood

Recent Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls contestant, Jo Wood. Here she is photographed at her home in Camden.

20th September 2018

Simon Reeve

TV presenter Simon Reeve has squared up to Somali gunmen, resisted arrest in Russia and survived life-threatening malaria in Gabon. It puts a troubled childhood into perspective, he tells Robert Crampton in an interview with The Times Magazine. Shot at Simon’s family home in London.