12 October 2012

This week the Film Adaptation of Jack Kerouacs cult classic novel On The Road began nationwide distribution. Jude shot these images of the actor Sam Riley. He plays Sal Paradise in the film.


 He took the tourist location of Tower Bridge and reinvented it to create an iconic set of pictures inspired by Dennis Stock’s famous portraits of James Dean. Taken in and around Times Sq NY 1955.

Jude Photographed the promotional images for the Channel 4 documentary series The Audience.
Which is
 being aired this autumn 2012.


People with life changing decisions to make are followed around by 50 strangers for a week. The Audience must  then deliver their verdict on the path to take. 


Jude Photographed Ryan Seacrest for an interview for The Wall Street Journal.


He talked about the building of his media empire, hosting the olympics for N.B.C and working with Simon Cowell.


The brief was to come up with an image that reflected a man who dominates entertainment  media in the USA.


Ryan Seacrest , Canary Wharf
London August 2012

19 July 2012



Jude shoots Plan b armed with flares on a London roof top  for the cover of Shortlist. 

The interview was timed with the release of his Ill Manors 





Jude Photographs Boris Johnson


Boris NYT