29th March 2018

Annie Price

A recent commission for the BBC of Annie Price and her new born baby boy. Annie has made a documentary documenting her experience of child birth and the first stages of motherhood.

29th March 2018

Boris Volodarsky

Very recently Jude travelled to Vienna to shoot this portrait of Boris Volodarksky, a former Russian intelligence agent. He shared his story with The Times Magazine, including that he believes he was poisoned in this very café.

19th March 2018

James Bevan for The Times Magazine

In an unassuming office tucked away in London’s Kings Cross lives a company that traces the supply lines of weaponry. Headed by James Bevan the company has people posted in conflict zones around the globe, using forensics to find the supply lines for militant organisations. Jude photographed him in the office where he had a small collection of the wears they had recovered, which included, a couple of AK-47s, a rocket launcher, and an ISIS flag.


28th February 2018

James Ivory for The Wall Street Journal

Last week Jude met 89 year old American filmmaker and man behind Call Me By Your Name, James Ivory, at his hotel in London. Earlier that week James had won the BAFTA for best adapted screenplay and was flying back to America the next day for the Oscars for which he is nominated for the same category.

12th February 2018

Greg Wise

When film executive Clare Wise was diagnosed with breast cancer, she started a blog. Her brother, the actor Greg Wise, took it over when she became too weak to write and he moved in to look after her. Jude met Greg at his sister’s flat in North London for this portrait.

8th February 2018

Eleesa Dadiani

Want to purchase luxury assets (yachts, formula one cars etc) with cryptocurrency? If you have made your millions on the inflated prices of cryptocurrencies but can’t spend it in the real world, Eleesa is here to help. Photographed at the St Martins Lane Hotel, London.

7th February 2018

Lewis Moody in Lijssenthoek Cemetery

World Cup winner Lewis Moody underwent a pilgrimage to visit the 22 graves of English rugby players that died serving in the First World War. Jude and his assistant drove to Lijssenthoek cemetery in Belgium to intercept Moody on his journey. The atmosphere couldn’t have been more appropriate as the freezing mist seamlessly rolled into the 11,000 headstones.

5th February 2018

Pamela Anderson in Marseille

Now residing in the south of France, Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson spends her time campaigning against animal cruelty, opening vegan restaurants and watching the football (soccer to her). We travelled to Marseille for the weekend where we shot at Pam’s favourite hotel in the city overlooking the bay.

5th February 2018

Giles Coren and Family in Greece

Journalist Giles Coren returned to place of his childhood holidays with his family to see if anything had changed. Jude traveled to Greece to photograph Giles with his family.

13th January 2018

Ben Machell in the Casino

Times Magazine journalist Ben Machell in Crockford’s casino in Mayfair. Ben was interviewing the couple who managed to cheat the casino out of £6m in one night, without touching a single card.