20nd May 2019

Joe Wicks

Also known as ‘The Body Coach’, Joe is one of the most followed fitness accounts on Instagram with 2.6m followers and his debut cookbook ‘Lean is 15’ was the best selling book in 2015.

16th May 2019

Romesh Ranganathan and Mum Shanthi

Jude and his team traveled to Shanthi’s home in Crawley to get a portrait of her and Romesh. Having previously stole the show on Romesh’s Asain Provocator series she is now back on the new panel show Ranganation on BBC2.

16th May 2019

Sadiq Khan

Approaching his three year anniversary of becoming Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan reflected on the milestone to The Times Magazine.

15th May 2019

Replica Wines

The makers of ‘molecular’ wines and spirits say they can reproduce almost any high-priced bottle on the market, and then sell it for a fraction of the cost. So can two Michelin-star chefs and top sommeliers taste the difference between a £60 bottle of finest pinot noir and a £15 ‘fake’? Michel Roux Jr, Alexandra Bado, David and Monica Galetti shot at Spring Studios for The Times Magazine.

11th May 2019

Mary Harper

Africa editor for BBC World Service and author Mary Harper at home in London. Over the last few years Mary has been spending her time in Somalia writing her latest book ‘Everything you have told me is true’, the book is an intimate look at everyday life under, within and alongside the notorious terrorist group, Al Shabaab.

10th May 2019

Ross Edgley

Fitness guru Ross Edgley with Robert Crampton on the rocks near Weymouth. Ross spoke to Robert about becoming the first person in history to swim all the way around the British coastline.

12th May 2019

Michael Acton Smith

Michael Acton Smith has an impressive list of business ventures, including founding the company that launched Moshi Monsters. He is now co-founder of the hugely popular meditation app, Mind. Apple’s best app of 2017 and downloaded 45 million times.

15th April 2019

Caucher Birkar

Kurdish asylum seeker Caucher Birkar, turned up in England with not much more than a passion for maths. Getting himself a place at Cambridge University and studying the subject extensively he has now been awarded the Fields Medal, the maths equivalent of a Nobel Prize.

15th April

Hannah Betts in Marbella

Journalist Hannah Betts headed to Marbella for a 5 star fitness boot camp in the sun. Jude’s team went down to the beach to get the shot of Hannah after her morning workout.

15th April 2019

Hinge Founder

Justin McLeod, founder of dating app Hinge. Hinge promises to be the antithesis of Tinder, stopping you from swiping and hopes to find you love in order to help put your phone down.